Welcome to Eden Era

A utopian collaboration of unique opportunities,
Eden Era is a community for unique invidivuals. We strive
to provide superior accommodations in both an online & offline environment.
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Eden Era Retreat & Housing

The Eden Era Lodge & Retreat is currently scheduled to be under construction by mid to late 2018. Further information will however be released frequently, including knowledge of some of the opportunities and features that can be expected.

Chat Room

Welcome to the chat, stay tuned for extensive updates and organization.

Staff Positions

Staff positions here at Eden have evolved to become much more meaningful in the progression of the organization. Essentially all members of staff that are accepted here will help shape the future of Eden

Eden Streaming Program

The official Eden streaming channel will be launched and explained shortly after the arrival of the chat

Eden Era Career Opportunities

Pending construction of Eden Lodge.
The key to your new life starts here.
Check back now and then for updates between now and the completion of construction.